Level 5 Polywoven Dunnage Airbag - 46-1/2" x 120"

Item #: T-040631
Only $56.45 /Each
  • Qty/Skid: 80

  • Level 5 Specifications:
  • Load Capacity 160,000 lbs – 205,000 lbs.
  • Transportation Method: Rail/Ocean – Vertical or horizontal Position in Void
  • AAR verified
  • Max PSI- 10.0
  • Level 5 Polywoven Dunnage Airbag - 46-1/2" x 120"

    Item #: T-040631

    Level 5 polywoven dunnage air bags are designed and built for your convenience, with a wide variety of sizes and strengths to meet your shipping requirements. Polywoven air bags deliver uncompromised load securement and protection, as well as providing the needed cushion to protect your load from shift, shock and vibration. Our polywoven air bags are weatherproof and are resistent to harsh chemical environments, making them best suited for medium and heavy weight railcar loads. These dunnage bags are also much easier to handle than alternative paper air bags due to the fact that they are 60% lighter and their single-ply construction allows for a greater pack-out.

    • Width: 46-1/2"
    • Length: 120"
    • Thickness: 12
    • Level: Level 5
    • Material: Inner: Polyethylene Liner Outer: Tubular Woven Polypropylene PE Coated Protective Barrier
    • Max PSI: 10
    • Transportation Type: Truck, Intermodal, Ocean Container, Vessel & Rail
    • Type: Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags