When inverted pouches were first introduced a few years ago, customers were quick to adopt them. This is because they recognized the many benefits of inverted pouches and how they could improve their experience. Many brands have failed to see how they can capitalize on the benefits of inverted pouches, so if you’re still on the fence, here’s what you and your customers might experience if you finally take the leap.

Enhanced Convenience

The greatest benefit of using inverted pouches for your products is the enhanced convenience it provides to customers. They no longer have to unscrew a tight lid to open a container, but instead, they simply flip open a plastic cap and can begin using the product right away. 

Because of the design, you can quickly start using whatever is stored in an inverted pouch. The spout is designed to control the products and dispense it in a specific area, so you have less opportunities for spills and messes. These pouches provide customers with a much simpler application that doesn’t involve using other utensils to get the product out of the container.

Reduced Product Waste

The design of inverted pouches helps pull product down to the bottom where the spout is located. The helps more product come out of the container without it getting stuck in the upper section of the pouch. Gravity plays an important role in getting the product down to the bottom of the pouch, which allows customers to get more for their money. Inverted pouches also eliminate extra food waste because more of the product can be retrieved from the container before it’s discarded.

On-Shelf Distinction

Many products use similar packaging to compete in a crowded space, but you can make a bold statement by choosing an inverted pouch. Inverted pouches provide on-shelf distinction that helps your product get noticed at the point of sale. They look different compared to many of the same old pouches you’re used to seeing on the shelf. As many marketing pros know, simply being different from the competition can help you get the attention you need to claim the market.

Prolonged Shelf-Life

Products stored in inverted pouches tend to have longer shelf lives because the spout design keeps air and moisture out of the container when it’s in use. Conventional lids, on the other hand, allow air to enter the container while a product is being used, which allows bacteria and other contaminants to spoil a product quickly. Making a switch to inverted pouches could extend the shelf life of your products, so customers are more inclined to buy your product because they know it will last longer than before.

As you can see, there are many benefits that inverted pouches can provide to you and your customers. This type of flexible packaging is a great solution for storing for liquid or fluid products that need a longer shelf life and easier application method. The on-shelf display opportunities help you market your brand effectively to customers and gain traction in crowded markets. We hope you can clearly see the benefits of inverted pouches and find ways to incorporate this packaging solution into your product distribution strategy.