There are multiple industries that can benefit from using tamper-evident or tamper-resistant packaging. Some businesses are required by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to have tamper-resistant packaging, but not all. If you’re on the fence about implementing tamper-evident packaging for your products, here are some of the benefits you’ll receive that may help you decide when it’s time to take the next steps.

What is Tamper-Evident Packaging?

At first, you might think that tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging is the same thing. But there are actually some differences that create two classifications.

Tamper-evident packaging is described as something that visibly shows when a product has been opened or messed with. Tamper-evident packaging cannot be removed or replaced without showing signs of tampering. A good example of this is pill blister packs with foil that is damaged when the product is accessed.

Tamper-resistant packaging is similar but considered a type of packaging that resists access to the product inside. Think of the shrink film around bottles of water or other similar products. The big difference here is the tamper-resistant packaging doesn’t necessarily show that the actual product has been tampered with.

With the water bottle example, just because the outer shrink film has been punctured doesn’t mean the actual water bottles have been opened. That’s why there’s an additional tamper-evident seal on the lid to show more proof of tampering.

Benefits of Tamper-Evident Packaging

If you’re considering using tamper-evident or tamper-resistant packaging for your products, there are multiple benefits you can weight against the additional costs. In the long run, if you are experiencing increased trouble with tampering or pilferage, making the switch to tamper-evident packaging can certainly save you thousands in lost merchandise costs. It will also protect your reputation and ensure customers can trust your brand to deliver safe products.

Tamper-Evident Packaging Keeps Products Safe During Travel

As products travel, they are handled by multiple people at multiple facilities before they reach their final destination. With so many people having access to your products, the risk of damage or tampering is incredibly high. You hope that the companies you work with employ trustworthy employees, but the sad truth is you never really know. There are also accidental situations, such as a pallet failure, that can leave products at risk.

When you use tamper-evident packaging, you discourage product tampering and you have a visible sign of malicious activity before the products get into the hands of your consumers. This provides an extra layer of protection to your products so they can travel in peace without being tampered with.

Tamper-Evident Packaging Provides Peace of Mind for Consumers

Consumers are becoming more aware of the measures that companies are taking to ensure their products are the best they can be. Tamper-evident packaging shows consumers that you care about protecting your products and making sure they are safe to use. Tamper-evident packaging, especially in vulnerable industries like food or pharmaceuticals, can improve your shelf presence and cause customers to choose your product over another without the added protection.

Think about the recent Ice Cream Challenge that has been blowing up on the Internet and social media. These products are being tampered with by teenagers looking to gain instant fame. Consumers are going to be weary of any ice cream brands who don’t have a shrink band around the lid because they can’t be sure that product is safe to consume anymore.

Tamper-Evident Packaging Protects You Against Disastrous Events

In 1982, major pharmaceutical brand Tylenol experienced a huge disaster related to product tampering. Someone had successfully laced their pain killing pills with cyanide and put them back on the shelf for innocent consumers to purchase and use. There ended up being seven deaths from this incident and Tylenol had to recall thousands of bottles while losing thousands of dollars in potential profit.

Had Tylenol implemented tamper-evident packaging before this incident, they would have been able to prevent the disaster that unfolded and save those seven lives. This is why tamper-evident packaging is incredibly important in consumables. It’s a prime example of why it’s better to go ahead and put measures in place before a situation forces you to comply.

We hope you can see the benefits that tamper-evident packaging adds to your product security and safety. In certain industries, you almost can’t afford to not use tamper-evident packaging anymore. There are plenty of tamper-evident packaging solutions available at different price points, so do your research and find the one that’s right for your application.