As your company grows and your demand for different packaging supplies increases, you might consider working with a packaging distributor. Switching from individual vendors to a packaging distributor might be intimidating at first, but there is a huge opportunity for you to improve your packaging operations. Here are some of the top benefits of working with a packaging distributor that you can experience when you take your next step. 


Special Product Pricing

Packaging distributors partner with different vendors for non-competing products and give them a ton of business within the industry.

This partnership allows distributors to get incredible pricing for tons of products that you won’t get from an individual vendor. You’ll also have access to some products and pricing that vendors only provide through a distributor. Distributors are also more willing to give discounts for higher volumes because they typically stock  products and want to keep them moving. 


A Diverse Product Range

Distributors find and stock packaging supplies from numerous vendors, which gives you the ability to order everything you need with just one phone call. Ordering each separate item directly from the manufacturer would take multiple calls, multiple shipments, and tons of extra time and effort you don’t always have to give.

A distributor for packaging supplies takes care of sourcing all the different supplies and equipment industry professionals need. They order everything and resell it to customers along with dedicated customer and technical support. This takes a huge load off the procurement team’s shoulders and allows them to keep inventory moving at the right speed.


Customer Service

A packaging distributor’s goal is to earn your business and keep it. While some may not be as kind as others, the good ones will offer incredible customer service. If you have a problem with an order, your sales rep will be ready to take action and track shipments or investigate a quality issue. They have established relationships with vendors, so when there is an issue, they usually have a direct contact to handle it. Without a distributor, you have to work with the vendor directly. Depending on who you’ve ordered from, you might not get the response you want.

Technical Support

Packaging distributors offer lots of support when it comes to purchasing or renting large machines and equipment. Most packaging distributors have a special parts and equipment department that’s dedicated to questions about specific tools, maintenance needs for machines, and training for new equipment.

While vendors might offer something similar, the benefit of using a distributor is being able to call one mechanic or one specialist to come check on various tools and equipment. Distributors work with multiple vendors for packaging tools and equipment, so their technicians are trained on more than one single product.


Customized Account Management

The main selling point of a packaging distributor is the ability to get customized account management. Every hard-working individual wants to reduce their amount of time and effort spent in certain areas so they can focus on more important issues. A packaging distributor can really take some of the stress off your shoulders by helping manage your account.

When you have a dedicated account manager on your side, you simply call your representative to get quotes for products, give feedback on what you received, and handle any order problems you experience. That’s it. From there, your representative begins calling different vendors to find the best pricing, working with specialist to set up training or maintenance appointments, and figuring out what went wrong with your latest order. Without this dedicated account management, you’d have to investigate all of these things on your own while maintaining the regular duties for your position.


Access to Packaging Industry Knowledge

Packaging distributors are always up-to-date on the latest products and trends in the packaging industry. This means they are trained and knowledgeable about all of the different products they stock and sell. This gives you access to professionals who are experienced with different applications and finding the best solution.

Because they have helped so many customers find the right supplies for their packaging needs, a distributor can quickly and efficiently test and find the right product for you. They know exactly what will work and what won’t because they’ve experienced it all before. This gives you a strategic advantage and helps shorten the process of figuring out the details of your packaging operations.

It’s easy to recognize the benefits that a packaging distributor can offer your business. At TPG, we’re proud to be one of the nation’s largest and most respected packaging distributors. By ordering your supplies online through us, you have access to amazing advantages that will help you improve and optimize your packaging operations. Take a look at all we have to offer today, and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.