If you need plastic sheeting for your business, you’ll be working with a supplier in the packaging industry. The right supplier can be difficult to find, so here’s some important information to consider when selecting your plastic sheeting supplier.


While price is an important factor to consider, we urge you to look at the bigger picture of your business operations. A low price won’t always give you higher savings. A low price could mean a low quality of plastic sheeting, which might cost your business more in the long run due to malfunctions and defects. Make sure you receive a competitive price that reflects the quality of plastic sheeting you want.


A plastic sheeting supplier should follow through on all their services in a timely manner and with great professionalism. Late orders and fill rates can affect your business timeline, so you want supplier services to be consistent and reliable. You also want a plastic sheeting supplier who is quick to resolve issues and transparent about what causes problems in the first place.


Quality not only refers to the specifications of the material itself, but also how it’s packaged, labeled, and transported to your company. How well does the vendor prepare plastic sheeting before it reaches your inventory? Look for high quality in both product materials and packaging materials because you know a well-packaged product is going to be easier to work with.


Many companies fail to consider the alignment between themselves and their supplier. Alignment refers to your position in the supplier’s mind and how they treat you during negotiations for plastic sheeting. Does your supplier work only on their terms or do you get a say in the matter? Your alignment should reflect a true partnership where each party has concern for the other’s success.

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