Fromm Battery-Powered Combination Poly Strapping Tools

Fromm battery-powered combination strapping tools are versatile, user-friendly devices that make it easy for your business to boost productivity and save money. With the purchase of a new Fromm semi-automatic or fully-automatic strapping tool, you’ll soon see a reduction in manual labor, fewer worker injuries, and an increase in long-term savings. 

The Packaging Group is proud to carry four separate Fromm battery-powered combination poly strapping tools. Each of the four boasts an ergonomic design and allows you to customize important settings, including the tension speed and force. No matter how light or heavy your plastic strapping applications may be, the Fromm tool you use will utilize weld joint technology in order to create a tight seal at the ends of every strap. 

To gain a complete understanding of these handy tools, it’s important to understand the facts and figures. Below, we’ve laid out the most crucial aspects of each Fromm battery-powered combination poly strapping tool.  

Fromm P318 Combination Plastic Strapping Tool 

Ideal for operations with lighter strapping needs, the Fromm P318 is suitable for both polyester and polypropylene strapping between 3/8- and ½-inch wide and up to .031-inches thick. It works beautifully on either plain or embossed strapping. Weighing in at just 7.5 lbs., even with the battery included, it’s easy to lift and operate frequently with only one hand.  

The P318 is powered by a new, reinforced 18V motor and also features an Li-Ion battery that can achieve up to 600 strap cycles per load (this figure depends on the quality and dimensions of your strapping). Additionally, it brings a very high, adjustable tension force range of 35-180 lbs., as well as an adjustable tension speed of 5.9 to 11.8 inches per second. All strap performs differently, but on average, the seal strength of the P318 is about 75%.  

Fromm P328 Battery-Powered Combination Poly Strapping Tool 

For general strapping applications, look no further than the Fromm P328. It is a functional and helpful tool that’s appropriate for plain or embossed plastic strapping up to 5/8-inches wide and between .016- and .041-inches thick. You’ll have your choice of either a semi-automatic model with two buttons for operation or a fully-automatic machine with just one simple button. Each runs on a brushless motor that’s designed specifically to need less maintenance with a long lifespan.  

This efficient combination strapping tool provides an adjustable tension force and sealing time, with the average seal strength falling at about 75% (the exact figure depends on the quality of your strapping). The tension force range is between 56 and 585 lbs., while the tensioning speed ranges from 2.6 to 4.9 inches per second. No matter what speed you need, the P328 weighs only 9.6 lbs. and the improved plates and guides require you to put in less effort when removing the tool from the strapping. It’s also very easy to remove from small areas, thanks to the lack of a tension rocker.  

Fromm P329 Battery-Powered Plastic Strapping Tool 

Designed with high-demand applications in mind, the Fromm P329 can handle plain and embossed plastic strapping from 5/8- to ¾-inches wide and between .026- and .053-inches thick. It’s powered by a premium brushless motor that necessitates less maintenance than most similar models and lasts for a very long time. Built-in temperature monitoring ensures that the motor doesn’t overheat, whether you choose the one-button fully-automatic tool or the two-button semi-automatic option.  

At only 9.6 lbs. total, the P329 is equipped with improved plates and guides for low-effort removal from strapping. The adjustable tension force ranges from 112 lbs. all the way up to a whopping 900 lbs., while the impressive tensioning speed range is between 1.9 and 3.1 inches per second. With this incredible device, your average seal strength is approximately 75%, depending on the specific poly strapping you use.  

Fromm P331 Battery-Powered Combination PET Strapping Tool 

The Fromm P331 is made to be tough and is crucial for your most heavy-duty needs. It’s best for polyester strapping that’s in the ¾- to 1 ¼-inch wide range and between .024- and .060-inches thick. This powerful tool brings outstanding balance, making it optimal for all strapping positions. It gains its dynamic capability from a brushless motor that requires very little maintenance and an Li-Ion battery that offers up to 370 strap cycles per charge.  

This workhorse of a strapping tool weighs just 14.5 lbs. It’ll streamline your operations with ease, thanks to an impressive tensioning speed range of 1.5 to 2.5 inches per second and an adjustable tension force of up to 7,000 N, or between 270 and 1,575 lbs. That means it can pull the strongest PET strapping into working range. The P331 welds without tension and produces an average seal strength of about 75%, though this average depends on the quality of strapping you use.  

Why Buy Fromm Battery-Powered Poly Strapping Tools 

Introducing a new Fromm battery-powered combination strapping tool to your operation brings many advantages along with it. Your team will be able to secure pallets and goods in a much more efficient manner, allowing them to focus their valuable labor elsewhere. This is highly cost-effective for your business, as you will save both time and money.  

Once you’ve made a final decision as to which Fromm battery-powered combination poly strapping tool will best suit your needs, browse The Packaging Group website or contact us today for assistance.