The holiday season is here and it’s time for you to get ready for the busiest shopping days of the year. People are searching for the perfect gifts and the ideal holiday treats to help make the experience memorable for the whole family. 

This happens to be one of the best times to give attention to your packaging strategy from both a marketing and logistical standpoint. To help you make it through the busy season as a business owner, here are some simple packaging tips for the holidays.

Make it Festive

Share the holiday spirit with your customers through your packaging design. Plan ahead of time to change your product packaging to make it more festive for the season. This can help attract customers who want to get into the holiday spirit, and it gives you an advantage over those who don’t make any changes to their packaging. Whether you want to fully embrace the holiday theme or merely play with seasonal colors, a simple change in your packaging design can have massive influence over your holiday sales.

Be Serious About Protection

Sure, making festive packaging is fun, but during the holidays you can’t forget about protecting the product. You can create all kinds of amazing packaging designs, but if they don’t keep the product safe during shipping, it’s all for nothing. It doesn’t matter how lovely your festive packaging looks; a broken product will always lead to disappointment. Make sure you’re serious about protection during the holiday season because the last thing you want is a bunch of damage-related returns slowing you down.

Make it Return-Friendly

It doesn’t matter how thoughtful a gift may be, sometimes it’s just not what they wanted. During the holiday season, returns are inevitable. You can make your packaging operations much more manageable by planning ahead of time for returns. This involves making your packaging return-friendly, so it’s easier for the customer to send something back. Return-friendly packaging is more sturdy than single-use packaging, and it can often be reused on products in good condition that simply need to be resold. This helps eliminate extra time repacking items and allows your operations to keep running at maximum efficiency.

Don’t Forget About the Environment

The National Environmental Education Foundation estimates that holiday packaging is responsible for a 25 percent increase in trash discarded during the season. Additionally, they mention that around $11 billion worth of packaging materials is discarded annually. Once you’re done tearing apart those perfectly wrapped gift boxes, the paper and ribbons used to make them look so beautiful is sent to landfills. This creates higher levels of greenhouse gases as things attempt to decompose.

To help out the environment, consider the effects that your packaging choices for the holidays will have once it’s done making things merry and bright. Look for alternative options that are eco-friendly, such as newsprint or plain kraft paper. This can help you decorate for the holidays while still caring for the environment.

Plan Your Run Early

You should aim to have your festive packaging ready slightly before the season begins. This gives you time to test out your options and make necessary adjustments without falling behind. Planning your run early will allow you to get everything sorted in time for products to hit the shelves right when they need to. While some companies are able to run quick turn arounds, this won’t always be the case. It’s much better to be ahead of the game with your holiday packaging instead of rushing to get it done last minute.

We hope these simple packaging tips for the holidays have given you extra confidence in your packaging strategy for the season. Managing increased orders and shipments during the holidays might seem impossible, but the more prepared you are, the easier your job will be. Take some time to think about your holiday packaging and remember to shop at TPG for anything you might need.