Specialty Kraft Paper as a Custom Damage Prevention Solution

Specialty kraft paper is a simple and affordable way to prevent product damage during transit. Let’s review the many available options to help you customize your packaging.  

Whether you ship out five packages a week or fifty items per day, you’ve likely experienced product damage while your goods are en route to the customer. Once you send your products out, you lose all control over their care. A negligent handler, poorly loaded delivery truck, or an unfortunate mistake can all result in destruction for whatever sits within your shipping box.  

Each and every time this happens, it brings headaches and financial loss. Replacing the item for your customer involves extra shipping and product costs, while a refund is a pricey expense. Worse yet, when your client is upset by a damaged purchase and added waiting time, they may not buy from your business in the future.  

Kraft Paper for Damage Prevention 

The good news is that giving your products extra protection while they travel is very easy and won’t break the bank. Using kraft paper as a void fill stops products from sliding around while inside a package and also functions as a cushion to soften any blows when it is wrapped around your items. This shipping paper can be shaped around virtually anything you put in the mail. It is affordable, efficient, and almost all of it is fully recyclable. 

The Packaging Group carries many kraft paper rolls and kraft paper sheets, as well as a variety of specialty options to suit your individual packaging requirements. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of all your choices.  

Reinforced Kraft Paper 

Kraft paper is not just for lightweight goods. Our reinforced kraft paper rolls are an exceptional choice for damage prevention for materials that are heavy, sharp, or both. That’s because this shipping paper is reinforced with a white poly scrim exterior to enhance its strength and durability. It boasts impressive tear and puncture resistance, while also protecting your goods from moisture, grease, and oil.  

Virgin Kraft Paper 

Another option for high strength and durability are virgin kraft paper rolls. Unlike most other kraft paper, it is not constructed from recycled material. Because of this, virgin paper comes with outstanding tear resistance and burst strength, making it a popular choice among many industrial operations. Common uses include paint masking, floor protection, pallet layering, and item wrapping. 

Indented Kraft Paper 

Those looking to keep their brand completely eco-friendly are certain to appreciate indented kraft paper, which is made from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, it is fully recyclable after use and biodegradable. This soft shipping paper is non-abrasive and works beautifully for cushioning, wrapping, and interleaving all kinds of products, as well as functioning as a void fill.  

Poly-Coated Kraft Paper 

Featuring a durable 10# poly gloss coat on one side, poly-coated kraft paper rolls are a phenomenal solution for packaging items that are especially susceptible to harm from water or grease. This capability comes in part from the 50# virgin kraft paper on which it is based. Because poly-coated shipping paper guards against moisture, oils, and greases so effectively, it is a great choice for anyone shipping metal items or parts.  

Colored Kraft Paper 

Color kraft paper rolls are great for packaging and much more. They provide all the benefits of standard kraft paper, but are also an exceptional choice for art projects or to add a fun pop to your packages. Use them to decorate the office bulletin board, as table coverings during art class, or as a banner to announce the next big game. One side of this recyclable kraft paper is smooth and ideal for drawing, while the other is textured, which works excellently for paint and chalk.  

Kraft Paper as an Efficient Void Fill 

Kraft paper rolls on their own are easy and speedy to use. Simply tear the paper off its roll, crumple it up, place it in the box, and you’re good to go. While this process is already very quick, The Packaging Group can help you expedite it even further with a standing or tabletop paper cutter. These tools allow you to mount your shipping paper roll in a convenient spot and cleanly rip sections off without requiring a pair of scissors.  

Leverage Kraft Paper to Enhance Your Brand Through Packaging 

No matter which kind of specialty kraft paper you use, it can all assist with branding. When your customer opens their package, they’ll be greeted by a clean and professional interior appearance. The presence of kraft paper along with their purchase shows that you as a seller truly care about your product and ensuring that it safely reaches its final destination. Utilizing colored paper that matches your marketing goals, environmentally-friendly recyclable shipping paper, or high-strength and tear-resistant kraft paper for heavy-duty goods is a great way to demonstrate that you’re conscious of your products, as well as the person receiving them.  

Protect your items as they travel the world with kraft paper from The Packaging Group. Find all of our options online or contact us today for extra assistance.