Flexible pouches are gaining traction in the packaging industry because they offer many benefits over other types of product packaging. In addition to being lightweight and flexible, these pouches also use fewer materials during the manufacturing process, which helps reduce the amount of energy and water required to produce them. There are many different types of flexible pouches available, so you’re sure to find something that works for your application. Here are some of the different flexible pouches you can buy for your products.

Bottom Gusset Pouches

Pouches with a bottom gusset are able to stand up on their own, which makes them ideal for products being displayed on shelfs. This is the most common type of flexible pouch found in the packaging industry. It’s often used for storing food products and other non-food items.

Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom pouches, which are also known as box pouches, have a completely flat bottom that allows them to stand up on their own. These types of flexible pouches are able to hold more weight compared to a bottom gusseted pouch. A flat bottom pouch has side gussets and a bottom gusset, but when filled the bottom gusset is designed to flatten out.

Side Gusset Pouches

These flexible pouches feature a gusset on both sides of the bag. These gussets help provide more space for product storage. The top and bottom are sealed horizontally with the top being left open for greater bag capacity and the bottom being left closed to create a flat end. These are frequently used for storing coffee or tea, which is why they may sometimes be referred to as coffee pouches.

Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches get their name from their signature shape, which resembles the form of a pillow. These flexible pouches feature a top, bottom, and back seal. The back seal is typically centered and runs the length of the bag from top to bottom. These are one of the most economical options for flexible pouches. Pillow pouches are frequently used as cereal bags, potato chip bags, and other food products.

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches are manufactured using multiple layers of plastic. This leaves an end product that offers high puncture and moisture resistance. Before the final closure is created, the air inside the bag is sucked out to create a tight seal. This helps preserve the freshness of food products or other consumables, such as medication. Vacuum pouches also protect products from corrosion, degradation, and sometimes oxidation.

Retort Pouches

Retort pouches are a popular option for products that are typically canned. These flexible pouches are made from a unique combination of plastic and metal foil laminate. They are generally used for sterilization or aseptic processing of products. Aseptic processing is the packaging of a sterile product into sterilized containers followed by air-tight sealing with a sterilized to prevent microbiological recontamination. These pouches help extend the life of food products or other consumables, and they have greater temperature resistance.

Three-Side Sealed Pouches

A flexible pouch with a three-side seal is made from one continuous piece of material that’s folded over itself and sealed on two sides. The top is generally left open for filling before being closed to form the third seal.  This pouch is an economical option for many products and is also considered a flat pouch. Three-side sealed pouches have more volume than four-side seal pouches.

Four-Side Sealed Pouches

To create a four-side sealed pouch, two identical pieces of material are layered and sealed together on all four edges. These four seals provide exceptional strength to the pouch and they offer a uniform shape with no gussets. These flat pouches offer a higher vacuum seal strength compared to other types of flexible pouches.

Spouted Pouches

These flexible pouched include a re-closable spout with a plastic cap. Spouted pouches are frequently used for storing liquid products and can be engineered to work with a range of products from beverages to cleaning solutions. They are easier to transport compared to PET and glass bottles. Spouted pouches are also known for being incredibly user friendly.

Custom Pouches

Custom-shaped pouches can be designed how you want them. This gives you marketing and branding advantages over competitors who use standard pouches. These flexible pouches can vary in size and shape depending on your application. You can start with basic features and add custom options to create the ultimate flexible pouch for your product.

We hope you have a better understanding of the types of flexible pouches available for different products. Flexible packaging is certainly becoming the future of the packaging industry, so if you’re looking for new innovations for your business, one of these pouches might be exactly what you need.