Poly mailers provide a simple and affordable way to ship goods to customers. They offer strong resistances against dust, dirt, moisture, and tampering. There are many types of poly mailers available, and depending on your application, you might prefer one over another. To help you decide which mailers are right for your business, we’ve got all the different types of poly mailers listed below.

Layflat Poly Mailers

Layflat poly mailers are your basic starting point for all types of mailers. They are essentially a flat plastic bag that can hold anything from magazines and books to t-shirts and pants. They provide lightweight protection for goods that don’t need a lot of extra cushioning. You can easily apply labels or stamps to layflat poly mailers, and they can be quickly sealed, usually by a seal-seal adhesive strip included during the manufacturing process.  

Expansion Poly Mailers

This type of poly mailer features a distinctive expandable side gusset that lets you store bulkier items with ease. High-strength seams are designed to keep products secure even if the bag is overpacked. Expansion poly mailers are highly resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, and tampering. This is the perfect mailer for sending larger products like binders and catalogs or hoodies and jackets. As with other mailers, these expansion poly mailers provide a convenient self-seal closure.

Tyvek® Poly Mailers

Tyvek® envelopes and mailers are manufactured to be much stronger than traditional paper, thanks to a unique blend of polyethylene fibers. These mailers are the ideal solution for mailing important documents, photographs, and paperwork. They are extremely durable and highly cost-effective, thanks to a lightweight design that allows you to save on postage. You can find all kinds of different Tyvek® mailers for your application, including tamper-evident versions.

Returnable Poly Mailers

Companies who mail products will always have to deal with returns. That’s why it’s better to plan ahead with returnable poly mailers. These poly mailers provide a simple and convenient solution to customers who need to return goods they’ve purchased online. There are two self-seal adhesive closures, one for the initial shipment and one for a possible return shipment. Not only does the returnable mailer provide extra convenience for your customer, but also for your receiving center. This is because you can rest easy knowing products are being returned in a proper package, rather than something that won’t protect them as well.

Clear View Poly Mailers

Clear view poly mailers are the ideal choice for any company that ships magazines, brochures, catalogs, or other print materials. The front of these mailers is complete transparent, which allows for an excellent product display upon arrival. At the same time, the back of the mailer is opaque to provide space for postage, labels, and other necessary shipping information. Clear view poly mailers are typically self-sealable with an easy to use peel and stick strip.

Bubble-Lined Poly Mailers

Bubble-lined poly mailers are a step up from layflat poly mailers, as they include a special interior that’s cushioned by layers of bubble wrap. These poly mailers are ideal for goods that don’t necessarily need a fully packed box, but still require extra protection. Bubble-lined mailers are ideal for sending small fragile items for low shipping costs. They are frequently used to mail customers jewelry pieces, delicate books, small electronics, and much more. Bubble mailers are usually self-sealable.

Colored Poly Mailers

If you really want your package to stand out, you can use a colored poly mailer to do the job. Colored poly mailers are essentially the same as layflat mailers, except they are printed with many different colors for an attractive display. Labels and ink apply well to colored poly mailers. These protect against dirt, dust, and moisture just as well as other types of mailers. They are also self-sealable with a peel and stick strip applied to the top of the bag.

Long Poly Mailers

As you might guess, long poly mailers are like regular poly mailers but with extra length for storing long and narrow products. These mailers are the perfect option for companies who ship rolls of wallpaper or gift wrap, posters, fabrics, and more. They are resistant to moisture, dust, and tampering. You simply insert the product through the opening and use the self-seal adhesive closure to finish off the packing process.

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