How the Unboxing and Packaging Experience Can Enhance Your Brand

Unboxing is a pivotal moment in your ecommerce customer’s shopping experience. Exciting or compelling packaging can leverage your brand to keep buyers engaged. 

Your brand is essential to your livelihood. It tells people who you are, why they should trust you, and, most importantly, why your products will make their lives better. You’re not just selling an item; you’re promoting a way of life. Of course you want to make a great first impression when a potential customer initially visits your website or views one of your ads, but many sellers often forget that the positive first image should be maintained throughout the entire buying experience.  

What is Unboxing? 

Unboxing is the simple act of removing a new purchase from its box or packaging. Think of it like Christmas morning – a fun new purchase arrives all wrapped up in an eye-catching package. Even if it’s a subconscious feeling, opening this new product brings feelings of joy. When a customer unboxes their new purchase, you’re appealing to their emotions instead of their logic. You’re telling a story with your brand – a story that the customer will want to tell their friends and continue to hear over and over again. 

This goes beyond just ecommerce. Research shows that, when compared to a neutral alternative, attractive packaging elicits “more intensive activity changes in brain regions associated with an impulsive system,” and “activate[s] regions associated with reward, whereas unattractive packages activate regions associated with negative emotions.” What exactly does this mean? Essentially, appealing packaging makes us happy, while unappealing packages do precisely the opposite.  

Unboxing Videos 

In the modern age, many tech-savvy consumers record their unboxing process and share it with their followers on various social media sites, such as YouTube or Instagram. In the past, this may have been somewhat niche subject matter that emphasized only a few specific industries, but unboxing videos have exploded in popularity in recent years.  

A November 2014 Google Consumer Surveys study found that between 2013 and 2014, unboxing video views increased by 57%, while uploads had also gone up by about 50%. In fact, 66% of the study’s recent beauty product buyers had utilized YouTube to help them visualize the item before they made a final purchase.  

How does this affect your business? It means you could work with popular social media influencers and pay them to unbox your products on camera. They would then share those videos with their followers. This can be an incredibly effective advertising strategy to reach a wide audience, but it generally doesn’t come cheap. However, even if you aren’t working with social media influencers directly, it’s more than possible that one of your customers may post their own unboxing video. This means that you should still be sure to emphasize clean and attractive packaging that complements your brand. 

Simple and Effective Ways to Present Eye-Catching Packaging 

Dynamic packaging doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. While you can shell out for custom-branded boxes or mailers, there are other methods that work just as well. You can draw attention from the get-go with colored or branded tape, a personalized sticker, or a custom stamp of your logo right there on the box.  

Once your customer opens that box, welcome them to your product with a colorful or engaging void fill that does double duty by protecting the items inside. This could be simple colored kraft paper or air pillows, as well as something creative like shredded newspaper. When your customer sees their new purchase nestled snugly into innovative, protective packaging, they’ll understand that you care about both stunning presentation and the safety of your goods. 

Another effective, yet simple, addition to meaningful packaging is an insert. Inserts can cover a wide variety of items, including basic information about your company, discount codes, fun stickers, handwritten notes, or free samples. If you choose to include a printed insert, just ensure that its design is clean and appealing to the eye and that the information is concise and helpful to your customer. A discount code is an excellent option for an insert, as it assists in bringing your client back and costs you very little.  

Give Your Customers an Exciting Unboxing Experience 

Leverage compelling packaging to help tell your brand story. Whether your customers record and upload the moment they unbox your products or not, a powerful experience with your brand makes you stick in their mind. Good impressions throughout the buying process work wonders to secure outstanding reviews, positive engagement, and lifelong brand loyalty.