Stretch Wrap Film Articles

  1. Cast Versus Blown Stretch Wrap

    During the packaging process, many companies use a stretch wrap film to secure products in place to reduce the risk of damage, unwanted tampering, and worker injury. These films come in two distinctive forms, a Cast Stretch Wrap Film and a Blown Stretch Wrap Film.

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  2. Gauge To Mil Conversion

    A simple conversion chart to help you measure the thickness of your stretch wrap film.

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  3. How To Stretch Wrap Pallets

    Learning how to stretch wrap pallets is crucial for the success of your packaging and shipping strategy. Stretch wrapping is a technique that’s used throughout the industry to secure items on a pallet and prepare them for transit. Companies who ship large quantities of products in boxes can use stretch wrapping to unitize items and make them easier to work with. The process of stretch wrapping pallets might seem simple, but there are a few important things to remember when implementing this strategy into your packaging system....

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