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Coffee Pods - a Sustainable Solution or Fleeting Fad?

Coffee Pods - a Sustainable Solution or Fleeting Fad?

Posted by Morgan Hoover on

Whether you use them or not, single-use coffee pods have taken the world by storm... and with quite a large amount of controversy. So what made a luxury coffee producer choose aluminum for their coffee pods? Read more →

Case study: Custom poly bags

Case study: Custom poly bags

Posted by Packaging Group on

Custom poly bag solutions 3 different case studies, 3 different custom poly bag solutions. It's always good to see how different industries are using packaging materials for different applications. In the follow case studies we'll look at a manufacturer of tool chests, a meat packing company, and a manufacturer of automotive parts.   Case study 1 Problem A manufacturer of high-end tool chests needed a better way to protect their products during storage. The large, polished chests needed protection from dirt and scratching. The current poly bag they used to cover the chest caused surface abrasion. Solution The Packaging Group... Read more →

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  • Case Study: Air-Flow Stretch Film helps brick manufacturer

    Case Study: Air-Flow Stretch Film helps brick manufacturer

    Posted by Packaging Group on

    Brick Manufacturing company spending to much on broken bricks. In certain regions across the globe, peat is an excellent and abundant form of fuel. The manufacturing of this natural resource, however, poses a number of challenges. In order to transform the loose matter into something that can be burned, it must be compressed and the water removed. Achieving this dryness so quickly and on an industrial scale proved to be a massive issue for one frustrated customer. The regular stretch film that the manufacturing plant was using was causing an extreme amount of moisture to be produced on the bricks... Read more →

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  • Stretch wrap: Food industry

    Stretch wrap: Food industry

    Posted by Packaging Group on

    Food industry stretch wrap Stretch wrap is used many ways across varying industries. In the food industry, stretch wrap is used to bundle and unitize products, protecting them from the damages during shipping.  Some food products must be temperature controlled and require a certain type of stretch film. What stretch film should you use for the food industry? Air Flow Stretch Wrap is a vented film that is commonly used in the food industry. The breathability if provided to the products from it's ventilated design.    Air Flow Stretch Wrap The film has die cut holes that help help reduce the amount of... Read more →

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  • Case study: BXT3 poly strapping tool equals thousands in annual savings

    Case study: BXT3 poly strapping tool equals thousands in annual savings

    Posted by Ashley Livengood on

    A new poly strapping tool process In the lumber industry, strapping is used to bundle mixed loads of lumber product. The right strapping and strapping tool is crucial to bundling and protection because of the heavy-duty load. The lumber company was experiencing long strapping times and increased expenses. Switching from a poly combination tool to the new BXT3 poly strapping tool provided the company with thousands of dollars in annual savings.     Problem The lumber company was using an expensive and time consuming process to secure loads. The slow process of strapping lumber was causing downtime and increased costs.... Read more →

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