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4 e-commerce packing tips

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For all your company and personal e-commerce sellers out there, it's important to remember a crucial part of your business. The packaging. E-commerce packing can make or break your small business or large operation. Customers are happier when the products they order are delivered safely and in one piece. Damaged and returned product hurts companies in the millions every year. It also leads to customers not coming back. It's about the presentation of the packaging and the protection.

e-commerce packing tips

E-commerce packing tips

Focus on the product

Take a look at your product to access how they should be packaged. It's more than just the dimensions of your product though. E-commerce packing depends on numerous factors outside the length, width, and weight of your products. 

  • How long is the shipment?
  • Will it be exposed to weather?
  • Are your products fragile?
  • How much void fill do you need?
  • Do you want branded packaging?

All these factors matter when deciding how to package your product for e-commerce. There's no one size fits all. Every product should be treated with a specific packaging solution in mind.

The box matters

Corrugated boxes are the way to go for most e-commerce packing operations. You may be used to those flimsy cardboard boxes from back in the day, but those won't do the job right. For small to medium size products, a single wall corrugated box is efficient. For anything larger than that, try a double or triple walled corrugated box. They have increased strength against pressure, so they'll be able to protect your product. They may cost a little more than you're used to, but you're going to have less damaged products. That makes your customers and your bottom line happy. The box isn't the only thing that matters, however. It's what you put inside the box that will give your products extra protection.

Recommended: 4 X 4 X 4 Regular slotted container

Void fill

Besides your actual product, you're going to need some sort of void fill in the corrugated box for protection. When we talk about void fill, we're talking about the protective packaging that is used to keep the product safe. Air pillows, packing pillow, kraft paper, bubble wrap, that sort of thing. We recommend going with bubble packaging. It's great for lightweight products where minimal void fill is needed. If you're looking for something with a little more protection, air pillows are the way to go. Pregis Airspeed Fit Air Pillow Machine is the standard, so check it out.

Recommended: 1/2" X 48" X 250' BUBBLE P-12"

Don't forget the tape!

This next part is more important than you think. Packaging tape comes in many different forms. Acrylic carton sealing tape, hot melt carton sealing tape, and water activated tape are the tapes of choice for e-commerce packing. Tape works in two ways for you and your packaging. First of all it protects the package from theft, damage, and keeps it safe during shipping. Secondly, it can reinforce your brand. Try branded water-activated tapes on your corrugated boxes for a cheap way to get your brand out there. Don't spend more money on customized boxes with your logo because that's more expensive. Water activated tape can be printed on with your logo and anything else you want on there. It's the most cost-effective way to make sure your brand's image is one of the first thing the customer sees.


Think of your packaging as symbolizing the way you take care and pride in your products. Put your best face forward when it comes to e-commerce packing and you'll reap the benefits of satisfied customers.

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