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Benefits of Foam in Place Packaging

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The Benefits of Foam in Place Packaging

Benefits of Foam in Place Packaging


Foam in Place Instapak - "The Instapak Quick RT Foam Packaging is activated right out of the box by hand, at room temperature. This foam in place alternative is a quick, easy-to-use expandable foam packaging which virtually eliminates shipping damage."

Instapak foam in place

Foam in place packaging is a unique process to protecting your products. Think of it as a snug cushion that wraps itself around the product to better protect it than other packaging supplies. There's a molding process that happens when two liquid chemicals are injected into a high density polyethylene bag. That chemical reaction causes the foaming and expanding around the product, effectively filling the void between container and product. 

Enough about the science behind it

Now that we got the science descriptions out of the way, let's focus on why you came here in the first place.


Foam in place packaging has many benefits as the operations are designed with the operator in mind. They simplify the packaging process, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

What are the benefits of foam in place packaging?

  • Lower costs associated with consumables
  • Less downtime due to equipment malfunctions
  • Easy operation with little to no training
  • Each package will have the correct amount of protection, specific to each product
  • State of the art equipment, without huge spend
  • Telemetry- the equipment will let you know when it needs to be fixed
  • Barcoding- Take the guessing out of which bag to use and how much. Foam in place packaging dispenses the the foam packaging based on unique product barcodes

Void fill with foam in place packaging
Who could benefit from foam in place packaging?

  • Home based businesses
  • Furniture and appliance industry
  • Shipping stores and mailrooms
  • Retail and e-Commerce sellers
  • Medical and electronic industry

Foam in Place Solutions

If you're always attempting to oversee consumable utilization, baffled by surprising gear downtime, or irritated about waiting days for a specialist, don't worry - you're not the only one. The truth is, Foam in Place Packaging helps make packaging simpler, more secure, more proficient, and keep your office more profitable.


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