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Benefits of water activated tape

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What is the deal with WAT? Water activated tape - it's a paper carton sealing tape that may contain multiple layers with fiberglass reinforcement. It is typically white or that natural kraft color we're all accustomed to. It's available in different widths and thickness and it's the no brainer choice for e-commerce sellers and large business alike. The water part is pretty cool if you're into science. When the adhesive on the tape is activated with water, it will get into the carton material and form a permanent bond with the carton. That bond happens instantly to different types of surfaces. Whether it's a virgin or recycled fiber carton, it's going to make that permanent bond. Other common names: paper tape, reinforced tape, gum tape, and kraft tape. 

Water-activated tape

Bond, permanent bond.

That secure bond comes from the starch based adhesive that aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons. Don't worry about the environment either, this stuff will be secure in dirty and dusty environments. The bond is so secure it isn't affected by extreme hot or cold temps. If you're in the south, you've probably had trouble with other tapes during shipments because of the weather. Water activated tape is the best choice to deal with the changing conditions that packages go through.


More benefits of water activated tape.

  • Protection: Packages sealed with water activated tape can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal. This will deter stealing and will keep your packages safe.

  • Custom Imprinting: Your brand is everything, and you want people to know about your company. Instead of the pricier option of customizing boxes, what about customizing your tape. Hmm if only I could think of "A" company that does this very well for an example. Well, it's a "jungle" out there and using water activated tape is one way to get your brand noticed. 

  • Better, faster, stronger than pressure-sensitive packing tape

  • Retains integrity if punctured

  • Only one strip is needed to produce a sturdy seal

  • Recyclable

How WAT (water activated tape) is used.

The only small down side to WAT is that it can't be used with a traditional hand-sealing dispenser. Water activated tape uses a dispensing machine that, you guessed it, wets the tape as it's dispensed.

water activated tape dispenser

So you won't be using a standard dispenser and wrapping it around your box, big deal. What you loose in usability you'll gain in your bottom line. The cost of damage to your packages will go down with the stronger bond that gum tape applies to the cartons. It's worth the extra effort to correctly secure your packages with this tape.

Now you're ready to get your hands wet on some WAT. See what I did there?

Check out our full selection of water activated tape and dispensers to make sure your products are protected.


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