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Bubble packaging reduces packaging costs

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Bubble packaging

bubble packagingOne way we decrease packaging costs is with a bubble packaging system. These machines create air pillows to protect your products from damage. These air pillows are made on-demand from a roll of film that is attached to the machine. The small, and in some cases table-top size, machines create a cushioning system to wrap around the items.

The AirSpeed Fit is bubble packaging machine than can reduce your packaging costs in just 4 ways. Take a look at what could lead to some major cost savings in your packaging process.

Package cost

One thing to remember is it's not just about the cost of the packaging materials. It's important to focus on the average cost per package. It can be cheaper to use less material of more expensive bubble packaging than to use more of a less expensive packaging material. The inflatable bubble wrap that an on-demand system creates uses less material than traditional bubble. It's just one way to cost your cost per package by using the right materials.

Damaged products

packaging damage1 in 10 boxes shipped are damaged. Investing in a bubble packaging machine helps fight the ware against packaging damage. You're getting consistent protection every time with packaging equipment, and these machines are no different. The best part is that it's simple to operate, requiring little to no training at all. Instead of your employees packaging your products however they want, get a more simplified process. Bubble packaging is great for void-fill, containment, cushioning, and wrapping.

Space in your warehouse

warehouse spaceSpace is limited when it comes to warehouses, and it's always at a premium. Bubble packaging machines are small and compact, freeing up more space for your inventory and other packing stations. 

Picture this: 1 cubic foot of space for a jumbo roll of film vs 500 cubic feet of void fill. The 1 cubic fee of film for the machine produces the same amount of product protection, cushioning, and void fill that your current void fill does. 



The cost of freight certainly changes the cost of your packaging process. Size and weight have major impacts on your shipping costs. It can also mean the difference between a customer purchasing or not purchasing your products. Bubble packaging is light-weight while still providing superior protection. 

    A simple, economical inflation system producing air pillows and wrap-able void fill packaging

    AirSpeed Fit bubble packaging machine

    • Ideal for ship-from-store (SFS) applications where space is at a premium

    • Great replacement for traditional void fill as well as ½ inch bubble – affordable     and a fraction of the required storage space

    • Reliable, simple packaging material that protects items to their final destination


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