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Case study: Custom poly bags

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Custom poly bag solutions

3 different case studies, 3 different custom poly bag solutions. It's always good to see how different industries are using packaging materials for different applications. In the follow case studies we'll look at a manufacturer of tool chests, a meat packing company, and a manufacturer of automotive parts.


Case study 1


A manufacturer of high-end tool chests needed a better way to protect their products during storage. The large, polished chests needed protection from dirt and scratching. The current poly bag they used to cover the chest caused surface abrasion.


The Packaging Group provided them a proprietary LLDPE-HSB formula specially engineered to eliminate abrasion and scratching. The custom poly bags were also easier to open and use on the high-end tool chests.

Tool chest custom poly bag solution

Case study 2


A meat packing company was using an LLDPE poly bag to line their corrugated containers during their blast freeze operation. The strength of the bag was less than desired and didn't provide as much protection against freezer burn. The company also wanted to cut their costs of the poly bag liners.

LLDPE- Linear low-density polyethylene


Our custom poly bag solution was a 3 layered tri-extruded bag that used a different polyethylene resin on each layer. One of the layers was engineered to decrease moisture vapor and increase the strength of the bag. The other 2 layers increased the freezer protection for their meat, while reducing overall costs of the liner bags.

meat packaging custom poly bag case study

Case study 3


An automotive manufacturer needed to reduce the costs of their poly bags used to package "non critical" parts and their "Class A" parts. The poly bags were used to contain and protect the parts during shipment and eventually to the installation on the cars.


We provided a custom poly bag solution with a thinner but stronger co-extruded LLDPE poly bag for their "non critical" parts. This bag had increased strength than the current bags they were using. For the "Class A" parts, we provided an HDPE-HSB formula that reduced surface abrasion but increased the tensile strength of the bag. These bags were made to be lightweight and puncture resistant, important for protecting those "Class A" automotive parts. 

Both of these bags actually cost less than their current process, while also adding extra protective benefits to the auto parts.

custom poly bags 

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