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Case Study: Dunnage Air Bags

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Dunnage air bags to the rescue

In this case study, we helped a steel products supplier fix a problem they didn't even know they had. Dunnage air bags helped cut their cost in half while increasing their annual savings by $80,000. To shop our full selection of dunnage air bags click here.

case study: dunnage air bags


The customer would lift, place, and shift large railroad ties wrapped around the steel to get it into the railroad car. They'd repeat the same process to get the steel products out. If that doesn't sound exhausting and tiresome, I don't know what is. There had to be a better way, but this is the way they had always done it. Little did they know that a solution with dunnage air bags was coming when they least expected it.



It all happened when the company wanted to quote a pneumatic strapping tool. Remember, they're still in the same process that we talked about before. They don't know there's a cost saving solution with another product. Well, we helped them with a quote and at the same time learned about their complicated process of shipping the steel. Their process was taking employees an average of 4 hours per railroad car to get the railroad ties on their products. Four hours just to get products on and off the railroad car, and it's more expensive than the solution they were about to get. Seems like a no-brainer right? It was to us, but the customer just didn't know about them until we brought up the dunnage air bags.

With sample bags in their hands, it only took the customer two test shipments to be convinced. Dunnage air bags was the best way to protect their steel products during transportation.

"Switching to dunnage airbags not only cut cost and saved labor hours, it greatly increased the safety of our employees."

dunnage air bags


Switching from railroad ties to dunnage airbags, saved the customer $80,000 a year in packaging costs. It also cut shipping labor by 1,500 hours a year, the result of the airbags taking a total of 15 minutes start to finish. 15 minutes compared to the 4 hours they were spending before! That's a huge difference. The most important result is that the Airbags are safer then the railroad ties. The company priorities safety with their employees and were happy with the result.

  • 50% shipping savings
  • Saving 1500 hours in shipping labor
  • Safely and effectively secured the steel products
  • Decreasing chances of an accident 
dunnage air bags with steel products


To shop our full selection of dunnage air bags click here.

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