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Choosing the best packaging tape

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How to choose the best packaging tape

What tape is right for packaging? How do I know what tape to use? What's the best tape for boxes? If you're wondering how to choose between the many different types of tape, you've come to the right place. We'll help you choose the right packaging tape, but first you need to know the different factors that go into choosing the right tape for your application.

Choosing the best packaging tape


packaging tapePackaging tapes come in a variety of grades. Another way to look at this is through varying levels of film thickness and amounts of adhesive. These grades ensure you have the right holding power and tensile strength*. Lower grades offer thinner backings and lower levels of adhesives making them ideal for lightweight carton sealing.  while higher grades have thicker backings and adhesive layers making them better situated for heavy duty or high security sealing.

*Tensile Strength- The resistance of a material to breaking under tension.


packaging tapeThe shipping and receiving environments are crucial in determining which packaging tape is going to fit your specific needs. Pay attention to: temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. These can affect different grades and types of tape. Choosing the right tape can mean the difference between a perfectly sealed package and potential product contamination and damage from adhesive failure.

Adhesion Surface

water activated tapeAdhesion surface plays a large roll in determining what packaging tape is right for each application. Recycled cartons are used by many manufacturers, but the highly recycled nature of these cartons can affect the tape’s ability to securely adhere. As the recycled content increases, smaller fibers and more fillers are used making it for packaging tape to stick.

Water activated tape is best used with recycled cartons.

Application Method

Packaging tapes can be applied to cartons manually or with automated systems. In the manual processes, choosing a tape by unwind is a critical consideration. 

Look for these other tape features:

  • good tack for initial grab to the surface
  • a strong film backing (less stretching and breaking)
  • good adhesion to backing 


strapping tapeOne last factor to consider when selecting a tape is quality. The best packaging tape allows lines to run faster and longer, improving your output. Variables such as inconsistent film thickness, thin adhesive coating, and little release coating may hinder the performance of the tape. Compare the quality of tapes to see what is better for you.

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