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Coil Separators

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Replastec Coil Separators

Stacking those steel coils can be dangerous if not done properly. They're heavy, slit metal coils that aren't easy to stack or transport. Replastec Coil Separators are engineered specifically for separating slit metal coils when stacked and strapped to a skid.

Coil Separators

Load stability improvements

Replastec coil separators are made with an inner core of rigid plastic and an outer core of softer, more flexible plastic. This allows the coil edges to embed in a cushion to help prevent damage and slipping. 

How much can these separators support? Over 5,000 lbs. with only 1% compression. This makes the coils highly stable and stackable at the same time. Don't trust wood or paper separators with this job, they can compress under typical coil weights. If the separators fail, the stacks will start to lean and will be a safety hazard. Who's going to want to pick up those sharp stacked coils if they fall over? Yeah, me neither.

Superior Performance

Get rid of rust stains that typically happen when coil separators absorb water with these Replastec coil separators. They're just made with better material than the wood and paper separators. No dust, no splintering and flaking. Even better, they're usually less expensive than the other kinds of separators. Seems like an easy solution right? Most people don't know they exist, so by being hear and reading this, you're on the right path to savings.

Coil Separators Stacked

Let's get into the details

  • Shipped in 48" long pieces

  • Cut into either 4" or 6" break-away segments

  • Supports over 5,000 lbs. with only 1% compression

  • Available in four thicknesses: 1/2", 13/16", 1", and 1-1/2". Custom sizes available for your specific operation.

  • Part of the Angleboard family, so you already know about the quality of the product.


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