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Common Stretch Film Problems

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These are the most common stretch film problems that you will see. Being able to identify these problems are following the keys to containment will help reduce costs.


An ultimate break is a straight-line break with pointed edges. The break occurs when the film has been pre-stretched beyond its limits.





Ultimate Break
Film Flaws

Bad Edges

  • Film has nicks or flaws in edges
  • Causes a tear from on edge through the film
  • Creates a diagonal break
  • May also be caused by machine rubbing edges
Bad Edges


    • Unmelted Plastic in film
    • Causes a tear from on the center of the roll
    • Creates a diagonal break from gel point
    • May also be caused by burrs or nicks on rollers


    Die lines

    • An unintended thick or thin spot through an entire roll of film
    • Caused by plastic not being pushed through die evenly
    • Makes film inconsistent
    • Causes premature tear

      Why do failures occur?

      • No understanding of containment
      • No wrapping standards established
      • No adherence to a developed standard


      Make sure you know the difference between cast and blown stretch film and check out our selection of stretch wrap.

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