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Plastic Poly Strapping Core Size

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People often ask this question and the answer is that the various strap­ping equipment manufacturers once tried to lock in their consumable (plastic strapping), with their particular brand of equipment by having a unique core size. The theory is an old one built upon the premise that only your razor blades will fit in your razors. This practice worked well for some razor companies, but has proved to be a faulty one in the poly strap industry as our products are guaran­teed to run in all manufacturers' equipment.

The Packaging Group sells whichever core size you need for your specific production. Some of our most popular sizes:

Hand grade Polypropylene: 16×6, 16×3, 8×8

Machine grade Polypropylene:8×6, 8×8, 9×8, 16×6

Polyester, machine and hand grade: 16×6, 16×3.


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