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Dimensional Weight Defined

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The Basics

Dimensional Weight Defined

Length x Width x Height / dimensional divisor

Length, width, height rounded to nearest inch

Standard dim factor:

  • FedEx- 139
  • UPS- 166 (packages under 1,728 cubic inches), 139 (packages over 1,728 cubic inches)

Remainder rounded up to nearest whole number

Rated as higher of actual or dimensional weight


 Dimensional Weight Calculation


Calculating Dimensional Weight Example

Actual package dimensions 16 x 15.5 x 16.4 (inches)

Rounded nearest inch 16 x 16 x 16

Multiple L x W x H 4,096 cubic inches

Divide by 166 (dim factor) 24.7

Rounded up 25

Package dim weight 25 lbs.

Package rated at Higher of actual weight or 25 lbs.

Now that you know how to calculate dimensional weight, you'll know how you'll be effected when with changes.

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