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Dunnage air bag inflators

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Dunnage air bag turbo flow inflation system

Dunnage air bag inflation devices offer unparalleled inflation speed and safety. Turbo flow inflation reduces the time and labors costs associated with filling dunnage air bags. Once optimal pressure is achieved, the inflator ceases airflow which eliminates the risk of bursting bags. They work for both vinyl and poly-woven style of air-bags. 

dunnage air bag inflation system

Dunnage air bag inflators for vinyl airbags

Dunnage air bag inflators for poly-woven airbags

Dunnage air bags

Fast inflation speeds

dunnage inflation speedInflate dunnage air bags with ease that improves efficiency and loading time. Smaller airbags inflate in just 10 seconds.

Operator friendly valve 

Dunnage inflator valveThe valve is easy for any operator to use, and even gloved hands can open and close the valves.

Easy deflation

dunnage inflator deflationThe cap is easy to lock and unlock which prevents accidental deflation. To deflate the air bag, just press and turn the lock counter-clockwise and gently push the airbag in on itself.




dunnage bag inflator

Designed for optimal inflation

Traditional inflators run the risk of dunnage bag bursting during inflation. The Turbo Flow inflators utilizes Venturi technology which, when used properly, prevents over-inflation and fills airbags to optimal pressure for load securement.

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