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Loading Coil onto a Dispenser

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How to Load a Coil Onto a Dispenser

Most plastic strapping is shipped with protective and securing packaging. The coil pictured below has a protective shrink wrap­ping. Many of the narrow­er straps also have corru­gated side plates to avoid problems like massive unwinding and pull downs (see photos).

Using a pair of scissors or safety knife carefully cut the plastic stretch film out of the core opening.
Keep all of the remaining packaging on the coil until the coil is tightened securely on the dispenser, then, and only then is the top pack­aging cut carefully off the top edges of the coil with a safety knife or scissors.
Always leave the side plates on and don't worry about the shrink wrap remaining on the sides of the coil.
Your plastic strap is ready for use now that it's been properly loaded onto the dispenser!


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