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Plastic sheeting applications

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What is plastic sheeting used for?

Plastic SheetingPlastic sheeting, is commonly referred to as poly sheeting, plastic on a roll, polyethylene film, visqueen, and plastic sheets. The sheeting on a rolls have a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Poly sheeting is waterproof, rot proof, and is resistant to numerous chemicals. Many industries use the poly sheeting such as; agriculture, construction, electronics, automotive, lumber and more. These sheets are ideal for water proofing products and loads during storage and transport.

The sheeting rolls come in :

1 mil1.5 mil2 mil3 mil4 mil6 mil8 mil10 mil


Plastic sheeting applications


Poly sheeting for construction

Large plastic sheeting is ideal for residential and commercial house wrapping. This has one of the highest levels of water and weather resistant materials in the market.

  • Erosion control covers
  • Lead & asbestos abatement
  • Remediation liners & covers

Agriculture film

This film is manufactured with UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers. They help to protect against the harsh weather conditions in order to last longer. It’s high puncture and tear resistant, high elongation, and high outdoor longevity.

plastic sheeting for agriculture

  • Agriculture
  • Grain covers and hay/silage covers
  • Machine and equipment coverings

Pallet covers

Plastic pallet covers or bin liners and are provided in continuous rolls. The sheets are perforated to reinforce and help withhold damage to pallets during shipping. These poly sheets are perfect for storage or transport.

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Masonry
Pallet Covers

      Plastic sheeting for lumber

      Used best in extreme conditions, lumber wrap is commonly used in the lumber and construction industries.

      • Lumber and construction
      • Inhibits Mold Growth
      • UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitors)

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