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Plastic Strapping Qualities

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The recipe for plastic strapping.

plastic strapping qualities

What goes into plastic strapping and what are the qualities of strapping? Any manufacturing formula for strapping involves a tradeoff of qualities. For example, if maximum strength is desired, plastic material often becomes susceptible to lengthwise splitting or feedwheel milling. This can cause some serious problems in other areas not desired.

It's important to know what qualities of plastic strapping. This helps you decide on the right strap for your application. The tradeoffs of qualities is what makes choosing strapping a little tricky. Luckily we've put together the chart below to give you a quick look at plastic strapping qualities. 

Plastic Strapping Qualities

Break StrengthThe amount of force required to break the strapping is expressed in pounds.

Working Range Tension- Elongating the strap to a point where it wants to recover, but not so much that it can’t recover. When strap will perform to the best of its ability.

Retained Tension- The strapping's ability to hold tension over time.

Elongation Recovery- The strap’s ability to return to its original state after tensioning.

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Additional qualities of plastic strapping.

Polyester strapping and poly strapping have additional important qualities. Let's go over three of them that may need a little more explanation.

Their surfaces are unusually slippery.

This enables the typical strapping tool or machine, which employs a feedwheel, to consistently pull high tension because the overlapped pieces of strapping slide over one another easily. With manual tooling, operating effort is minimized. 

They resist abrasion unusually well.

If moderate abrasion causes particles to build up on strapping surfaces, these particles can impair the operation of a strapping tool or machine.

PRO TIP: The Signode BXT3 poly strapping tool has a blow-through hole, used to easily get rid of particle build up after time.

They are unusually split-resistant.

Lengthwise splitting causes serious feed problems when a strap end, ragged from splitting, travels through a chute or is threaded through a pallet void.

PP strapping

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