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Poly bag additives

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Different types of poly bag additives.

Poly resin can be custom manufactured to fit most applications. A big benefit indeed, but do you know what kinds of additives are out there? We're going to walk you through the different types and advantages of each. Don't assume that any bag will work for all applications. It's smart to consider your options while keeping in your specific product and process in mind.


Most common poly bag additives

Anti-block additives cure most common flaws found in film. These flaws are usually called "dots". These additives also fix unnecessary adhesion between two layers of film. This problem is called the "Blocking Effect".

Plastic bags that can withstand the most extreme temperatures, they are usually made with additives called EVA, or ethyl-vinyl acetate. It's a 2-3% additive that increases the strength of the bag. EVA will help stop cracking on the bag and are great for plastic bags used in freezer applications.

This type of additive is basically the opposite of the anti-block additive. Bags with this additive have very little of the anti-block additive. A bag made with a non-scratch additive will be more difficult to open.

This additive increases the amount of slip or glide that the bag has. Slip amount makes it easier to handle the bags or film and will help the layers of film from sticking to each other. High slip bags are manufactured with extra slip additive.

More types of poly bags

Standard Low Density
Low density polyethylene, or LDPE. It's used for your general plastic bags, poly tubing, pallet covers, and plastic films. Low density film has excellent clarity and strength, and provides excellent protection.
Plastic Bag Resin Clarity
The clarity of a plastic bag is the transparency of the poly film. Poly resins can be manufactured to match a profile, so that profile will predict its extrusion performance across a range of applications.
Linear Low Density
Linear low density polyethylene films, otherwise known as LLDPE film. LLDPE films, and LLDPE bags, are known for their strength and puncture resistance, more than their clarity. Linear low density polyethylene bags are more stretchable and lighter, making them an ideal packing solution for food products. 

Transparent Plastic Bags and Poly Films
Transparent bags are those that regardless if they are colored or clear, they can be seen through. Light can pass through the film, allowing your customer to still see the product within the bag. Transparent bags are often used in the food industry, and manufacturing operations where the consumer would be interested in seeing the product before they purchase it.

Opaque Bags and Films
Opaque plastic bags cannot be seen through, but light can still pass through the plastic film. You find opaque colored bags used in applications where customers do not necessarily need to see the product, but like the additional protection that the opaque quality presents. An example of the an opaque bag to consider isa black conductive bag. Black conductive bags are made so that they block electronic shock from electronics.

Now you know what to expect from you bags, go ahead and browse our complete selection of poly bags.

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