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Poly Bag Mil Sizes

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How to choose the right thickness for poly bags?

If you end up with the wrong thickness or Mil of a poly bag, you'll run into trouble. Choosing a gauge that may be too small, the bag may not survive. On the flip side, larger Mil poly bags can be more expensive and you will over spend if you're just guessing. Make sure you take the following into consideration when choosing bag thickness:

How much support you will need.
How you product needs to be displayed.
Does your product need a special type of poly?

Poly bag Mil sizes:

2 Mil: Used for protecting light and medium weight products. Clothing, parts, and bin liners are commonly used in this thickness.2 mil polybag

3 Mil: Great for medium weight products. Hardware and parts is used with this thickness. You'll also find that plastic furniture covers and mattress bags also use this mil.3 mil poly bag

4 Mil: Your more bulky products will use this size gauge. Any of your items that need that extra strength, think industrial items... bolts, screws, etc.4 mil poly bag

5 Mil: Extra protection. Have sharp-edges on your products? How about heavy duty industrial parts? You're going to want to use at least a 5 mil poly bag.5 mil poly bag

6 Mil: The strongest protection of the bunch, this bag has a high resistance to being punctured. Gears, parts, heavy metal belong in these size bags. You'll see them also commonly used for industrial plastic bags.

Wait, what's a mil?

Great question! Now that you know what mil size poly bag you need for your product, check out our conversion chart from mil to inches. It'll help you figure out exactly what bag you're looking for.

Done learning? Be sure to check out our full selection of poly bags, know that you know about mil size.

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