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Poly Bag Mil Thickness: Whats the Difference?

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The brief breakdown below will help identify the some of the most commonly used gauges:

 Poly Bag Conversion Chart

Mils Inches Best For
½ mil .0005′

Short-term use for lightweight products. A grocery store bag is ½ mil. A dry cleaning bag is ¾ mil.

¾ mil .00075′
1 mil .001′

Storing, displaying, and shipping everyday items such as food or clothes. A bread bag is 1.5 mils thick. A trade show bag or retail boutique bag is usually 2 mils.

1.5 mils .0015′
2 mils .002′
3 mil .003′

Providing scuff protection and tear resistance during shipping, especially for heavy or abrasive items. Industrial pallet covers are 3 mils.

4 mils .004′
5 mils .005′


2 Mil Poly Bags – This bag is used for protecting light to medium weight items, such as clothing, parts and bin liners.

3 Mil Poly Bags – This heavier bag helps protect medium weight items, hardware, parts. They are also used to make mattress bags and plastic furniture covers.

4 Mil Poly Bags - Perfect for bulky items or items that require extra strength like bolts, screws and industrial items.

5 Mil Poly Bags - Used for items requiring extra protection, for sharp-edged objects, and industrial parts.

6 Mil Poly Bags - This bag has high puncture resistance and is used mainly for items that require the strongest protection. Commonly used for industrial plastic bags, including those for parts, gears, and heavy metal.

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