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Pre stretch wrap benefits

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What is pre stretch wrap?

Pre stretch wrap is stretched as close to its ultimate breaking point before its wound onto rolls. This way of pre stretching requires much less energy than standard stretchwrap. There's major savings to be had with pre stretch, in some cases almost half of that of traditional stretch wrap.

Pre-stretched wrap is just one of the numerous types of stretch wrap film available at The Packaging Group.

Pre stretch wrap benefits

There's several benefits to using pre stretchwrap. One of the major benefits is that it eliminates neckdown. Neckdown is when the stretchwrap has a tendency to narrow over time, as it's wrapped around a load. When this narrowing of the film happens, it increases the amount of times a pallet or load needs to be wrapped. With pre stretch wrap, neck down is eliminated. 

There's of course more than one benefit to using pallet wrap that is pre-stretched:


  • Easy to handle
  • Lower material costs
  • Increased load tension
  • Less film per load
  • Reinforced edges
  • Tear resistance
  • Stronger film at thinner gauges
  • Ultra light weight


Pre stretch wrap case study

A customer baed in Charlotte, NC was buying 18''x80 gauge hand stretch film. They used the stretch to secure wire products to a pallet, a common use for stretch-wrap. The Packaging Group saw a solution to a problem they didn't even knew they had. We recommended down-gauging to a thinner, but stronger pre stretch-wrap. Their result? A cost-savings of 40% per case of film. They purchased our eco-friendly pre-stretch wrap and were satisfied with the results.

  • 40% cost-savings per case of wrap
  • Eco-friendly
  • High quality performance from a thinner but stronger film


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