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Protect Your Packages During Shipping

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Customer service in a box

Did you know that 3 out of 5 customers are up for trying a new brand or company for a better customer service? It's true, and it's changing how businesses improve their customer service. Many businesses limit their customer service experience to interactions with their customers in person, phone or online. The often overlooked part of customer service is the shipping packages that customers get through e-commerce purchases.

Deliveries go through a long, complicated trip just to arrive at a customers' front door. Many times, that delivery will be the first time the customer is interacting with the service provided by your company. What if that delivery shows up torn, damaged, or even opened? Is the customer going to come back to you? You may be telling customers that their order isn't a priority with sloppy and damaged goods. Luckily, we have some tips to improve box appearance and most importantly, safety during shipping.

The right size box is key

Choosing the best carton size is important if you want the package to be delivered to the customer safely and undamaged. Many boxes are ruined just because the item inside is too large to fix into the box. This can cause potential splitting or tearing during shipping. On the flip side, under-filled boxes pose a higher risk of collapsing from the weight of other packages during transit. This one is a quick fix, keep a collection of shipping boxes in various dimensions in your inventory at all times.

Use rugged materials

Sometimes it's irresistible to reuse cardboard boxes when trying to cut costs. Those cost savings could be wiped clean if the box loses its integrity during shipping. For best practices, use new corrugated cardboard boxes if there's any uncertainty of the carton's efficiency.

Be sure cartons are properly sealed

Incorrectly sealed cartons are one of the most common causes of damaged packaging. This can easily happen when the weight of the contents in the box cause the packing tape to separate. Taping a carton multiple times can be expensive. Your best bet is to use reinforced water activated tape. It's available in a variety of widths for your specific needs and is embedded with a layer of fiberglass for more strength. Water-activated tape is especially useful when shipping heavier items.

Water activated tape has other benefits as well, including; branding and resistance to tampering. Water-Activated Tape can include your company's brand so the customer sees it during unboxing. They'll know their delivery was packaged with care and safety with a brand they will come to trust. Traditional plastic packing tape sits on top of the box and is more vulnerable to tampering. It only takes a little bit of pressure for someone to reach into the box, pull an item out and reseal. This happens with little to no evidence of the carton being breached. Water-activated tape creates a permanent bond with the cardboard. If someone attempts to tamper with the box, it'll be clear what has happened. The strong adhesion and reinforcement that water activated tape brings, makes it a great deterrent against theft and tampering.

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Even more reason to ensure your customers' satisfaction. 

Remember, customer service is more than what you think it is. The very first time a customer may be interacting with your product or service is through the package. Make sure your products arrive safely to your customers using this knowledge.

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