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Signode BXT3-13 vs BXT3-16 vs BXT3-19

Posted by Ashley Livengood on

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  Signode BXT3-13
Signode BXT3-16
Signode BXT3-19
Model BXT3-13 BXT3-16 BXT3-19


Light Universal Heavy
Strap type PET + PP PET + PP PET + PP
Strap width 9 - 13 mm 13 - 16 mm 16 - 19 mm
Strap thickness PET: 0.4 - 0.8 mm; PP: 0.5 - 0.8 mm 0.5 - 1.0 mm 0.8 - 1.3 mm
Weight 3.6 kg 3.8 kg 4.3 kg
Tension force 150 - 1200 N 400 - 2500 N 400 - 4500 N
Variable Tension Speed 0 - 290 mm/s 0 - 220 mm/s 0 - 120 mm/s
Cycles / Charge up to 800 up to 800 up to 800
Battery Bosch Li-Ion 18V, 2.0Ah Bosch Li-Ion 18V, 2.0Ah Bosch Li-Ion 18V, 4.0Ah
Charging time battery 15 - 30 min 15 - 30 min 25 - 35 min
Motor technology Single motor technology, brushless Single motor technology, brushless Single motor technology, brushless
Dimension ( L x W x H) 370 x 141 x 135 mm 370 x 141 x 135 mm 370 x 143 x 135 mm


BXT 3-13

Designed for

  • Light duty applications
  • Sensitive packaging goods with soft tensioning requirements
  • Small and thin straps, ideal for PP straps with soft/slow start tensioning

Key figures

  • Low tension force range from 150 N up to 1200 N (small setting steps)
  • Thin straps (PET) up to 0.40 mm applicable
  • Lightweight tool of 3.6 kg

Industry applications

  • General logistics (light)
  • Retail & white goods
  • Fruit & vegetables

BXT 3-16

Designed for

  • Meet professional universal strapping requirements
  • Most common PP + PET straps (12 – 16 mm)
  • Optimal performance/ergonomic ratio

Key figures

  • Wide tension range up to 2500 N
  • Strap range from 12 – 16 mm, 0.5 – 1.0 mm
  • Perfectly balanced tool with competitive 3.8 kg weight

Industry applications

  • General logistics
  • General production
  • General industries

BXT 3-19

Designed for

  • Heavy duty applications with high tension force requirements
  • Extremely rough and tough environment conditions
  • Alternative to steel strapping applications

Key figures

  • High tension force up to 4500 N
  • Covers wide range of high tensile PET straps up to 19 x 1.27 mm

Industry applications

  • Construction industry
  • Wood industry
  • Metal industry

Interactive 3D Model

Signode BXT 3-13 vs Signode BXT 3-16 vs Signode BXT 3-19

What's new with the Signode BXT Series Tools?

Advantages BXT3

Stability / Robustness

BXT3 is designed even more robustly to withstand harsh applications and environmental conditions.

Tension release system

Control of tensioning process.

Tension can be released smoothly and without effort at any time.

Operating errors are not possible anymore.

PCB Board

The 2 PCBs of BXT2 were merged into only 1 new PCB.

PCB is placed to a protected spot in the tool.

Weld system

Elimination of operating errors.

Improved reliability of welding.

Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.




Advantage with BXT3 tool

Tool weight

& balance

Lightweight and perfectly balanced tool

Tool slightly nose heavy

Better ergonomics,

less operator fatigue

Stability / Reliability

Drop, dust and moisture proof tool with protected electronic module / battery

Enforced mechanical parts

Drop dust and moisture proof tool with battery protection

Maximum high uptime / stability and longer lifetime


Modular tool build-up, easy access, quick disassembly / assembly, strap dust blow-through vent

Conventional tool build up without mechanical and electronic separation

Less service effort and

easier and faster cleaning

Adjustment / Indication

Full touch display

Touch pad with 7 segment displays

More and clearly visible information for product user

Product features

•Full Touch Display

•Variable tension speed

•Favourite strapping function

•Real time indication

•Colour display for tool information 

•Strap alignment indication

•Strap dust blow-through vent

•Smooth tension release

Soft (PP) strapping function

Simplified operation and

higher process reliability




Variable Banding Tension Speeds
Variable Tension Speeds:
  • Simplified operation and higher Process reliability
  • Improved control of tensioning process by the operator
  • Slow start-up for arranging packaged goods / fixing up edge protectors
  • Inching operation (Cautious approach to correct tension force for the product)
  • Tension force increases according to finger pressure on tension button
Real time indication of tension force
  • World’s first strapping tool with real time indication of tension force
  • Higher process reliability and less operating errors
  • Accurate indication of tension in Newton (N) or Pound (lbs)
  • Shows operator the true tension force during tensioning process
  • Indication of the adjustable range of tension and the selected tension force (filled out bars)
  • Indication of the true tension force Example: Full bar range is 2100 N (set value), applied tension force is about 1200 N (filled out bars)


    Favorite Strapping Settings 

    • Simplified and quicker operation
    • For various recurring packaged goods, with different setting requirements (heavy / light)
    • For the use of different straps PP / PET with same width
    Technical solution
    • Quick switching between standard and favourite setting (Tension force, welding time, operating mode)
    Strap Alignment Indicator
    • Direct visibility of correctly / incorrectly inserted strap
    • Avoidance of malfunctions during tensioning/welding/cutting processes
    • Avoidance of low seal quality (increased seal quality)
    Technical solution:
    • Red indication if strap is not correctly inserted in the strap guide
    BXT Alignment Indicator
    status-indicator 3 Color Status Display and Audible Signal
    • Finished strapping process directly visible and audible
    • Avoidance of malfunctions during tensioning/welding/cutting processes
    • Avoidance of low seal quality (increased seal quality)

    Full Touch Display

    bxt full touch display

    Easy Cleaning with Blow-Through Feature

    blow through

    Available Accessories

    • User Interface Protection Cover - For usage in harsh environment
    • Protection Plate - For usage on abrasive surfaces
    • Suspension Bow - For static locations

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