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Stretch wrap for pallets

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Wrapping pallets correctly with stretch wrap

hand stretch wrapPallet wrap, stretch film, stretch wrap, however you'd like to call it, is commonly used to protect pallets and other loads during storage and transportation. Securing your items to a pallet is one of the most important techniques to master if you're using hand wrap. If you're not doing it correctly, you're costing your business money in transport damage.

In this case, we'll be talking about hand stretch wrap and the manual wrapping process that happens during packaging.

Here's a quick step by step process to correctly wrap your pallets.

1. Pick the right size pallet: We'll start outside of the wrap first, where the pallet size is very important. If you choose a pallet that doesn't completely cover the base area of your products, you're already off to a bad start. 

2. Wrap the film tightly around the products: In order for the stretchwrap to do its job right, the film needs to be wrapped tight. This helps protect against the movement and shock that the pallets experience during shipping. Another good rule of thumb is to make sure you can reach all your products with the film once they're on the pallet. It'll be easier to use the pallet wrap and get it on there nice and tight.

3. Begin wrapping: First things first, start by securing the stretchwrap to the pallet itself. It's always good to twist some extra film into an end and wrap it around one corner of the pallet itself. Why do this? It helps keep the wrap tight against the pallet and the products. You'll be able to feel the tension as you make your way around the pallet.

4. Started from the bottom: Now that you have some of the film wrapped around a corner of the pallet, start from the bottom and move your way up. Make sure you keep the film wrapped tightly around each layer, and wrap each later in an overlapping fashion. Again, everything is about keeping the stretch wrap nice and tight through out the pallet.

Hand stretch film

5. Structural integrity: Once you get to the top of the pallet, make sure you test the wrapped pallet to ensure integrity. Give it a pull to see just how tight the wrap is. Check the top, middle, and bottom to see how if it's evenly dispersed. If it feels right, just tear off a piece of the film and fold it under one of the pallet edges.

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