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Poly Strapping Tensioning Tools and Seals

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Three Types of Poly and Polyester Strap Tensioning Tools


Strap tensioners can be very basic for manual operation. The most popular manual tensioners are the windlass type that are used in conjunction with the prop­er sealer that are described in the sealer section below.

BATTERY Strapping Tools

For portability and medium to heavy ten­sioning, battery powered tools are the answer. Whether out in the yard or way back in the plant, you won't need an air or electric­ity power source to operate these friction sealing tool for poly and polyester strapping


For in-line production and medium to extra heavy tensioning applications an air powered friction sealing tool is your best choice. Pneumatic tools require compressed air and usually operate at 90-100 PSI.


Strap Seals


Polypropylene straps must be sealed with a polypropylene sealer and standard metal seals.


Polyester straps must be sealed with a polyester sealer and special textured metal seals.

Now that you're familiar with the types of tensioning tools and seals, check our full lineup of poly strapping tools.

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