Pre Stretched

Pre Stretched

Pre stretch hand film increases wrapping productivity, reduces waste, enhances employee safety, and lowers total pallet wrapping costs. The GaleWrap film Necks Down Less, thus significantly decreasing the number of revolutions to wrap a pallet, and GaleWrap continues to contract around the load; even after you have finished wrapping

sku height gauge length color Price Per Case 1 3 6 10 Buy
344537 15 in 90EQ 1476 ft Clear $27.50
354799 15 in Pre-Stretched 1476 ft Clear $5.54
355844 15 in Cornerstone HP 1968 ft Clear $7.30
361001 15 in 60EQ 1476 ft Clear $29.75
328801 15.5 in 29 2000 ft Clear $11.05
345427 16 in 80EQ 1476 ft Clear $36.25
325687 16 in Eco Supreme 2 1476 ft Clear $6.78
360030 17 in 30 1476 ft Clear $6.05

Stretch Wrap hand 15" x 1476' Cornerstone HP Oriented

Sku: 344537
Starting at $27.50

15" x 1476' Cornerstone HP Prestretch Hand Stretch Film Bulk Packed 168rl per skid

Sku: 354799
Starting at $5.54

Cornerstone HP 15" x 1968' Stretch Film

Sku: 355844
Starting at $7.30

Cornerstone 16 Eco Supreme 3 - 15" x 1476' Hand Stretch Wrap Film

Sku: 361001
Starting at $29.75

15-1/2" x 2000' Pre-Stretched Hand Film 132rl per skid

Sku: 328801
Starting at $11.05

Cornerstone Eco Supreme 16 x 1476' Hand Stretch Film

Sku: 345427
Starting at $36.25

Cornerstone 16 Eco Supreme Two 385mm x 450M Hand Stretch Film

Sku: 325687
Starting at $6.78

17" x 1476' 30 Ga. Premium Strength Blend Hand Film 112rl per skid

Sku: 360030
Starting at $6.05

Why use Pre-Stretched Stretch Wrap Film?

  • Strength: By stretching the film, the tensile strength of the film increases so that it becomes drastically stronger.
  • Film Memory: After the film is stretched it wants to return it to its original form. The more you use this pre-stretching process, the worst the film memory becomes. When the stretch film is applied to a load with no force to load, quickly it will be able to detect that the film has tightened due to its memory as it tries to return to it original size. Stretch film memory is what distinguishes stretch film from other means of packaging unitizing. Settling that can happen during shipment can loosen other methods of unitizing products. Stretch film memory takes up the slack and continues to secure the load during shipment.
  • Film Economies: Your cost of stretch film is reduced when it is pre-stretched compared to stretch wrapping a load with film that has not been pre-stretched.
  • Stretch Consistencies: Using just hand or machine to add tension to stretch film does not provide uniform stretch and is not able to have reliable performance. This type of stretching can lead to intermittent load failures.