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Steel Strapping

In a world full of strapping, it can be difficult to determine the best strapping material for your company. Metal strapping, also commonly referred to as steel banding, is the strongest of all strapping materials. When strength is necessary and low elongation is important, metal strapping is highly recommended. Metal strapping can also be especially beneficial when the product is either extremely sharp or extremely hot. While the market for steel may be declining, steel has proven to be the preferred alternative and preferential choice in all strapping methods.

Steel strapping is available in three different finishes and customized to fit your needs. Each finish is tailored to the requirements of particular tensioning methods, sealing devices, and packaging applications.

Painted: Painted strapping is coated with a layer of paint to offer corrosion resistance. Painted strapping is available in a wide variety of Magnus strapping sizes and is used in crimp-style seal systems to produce high joint strength.

Painted and Waxed: Similar to the Painted strapping, Painted and waxed strapping also provides corrosion resistance with the added benefit of a wax coating. The Painted and Waxed strapping has a wide selection of strapping sizes in both Apex Plus and Magnus strap sizes, which can be used in notch or crimp-style seal systems. Painted and Waxed strapping offers you a better improved tension transmission around load corners. 

Zinc Painted and Waxed: Zinc finish strapping is waxed and has a zinc-infused coating to provide resistance to rust. Zinc Painted strapping is also available in a variety of both Apex Plus and Magnus strap sizes. Similar to the Painted and Waxed strapping, the Zinc Painted strapping also provides you with enhanced tension transmission characteristics. Zinc finished strapping safeguards the product at the weakest points – points of surface damage and scratches.

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