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Steel Strapping Sealers

Signode manual sealers provide positive sealing action with minimal effort. Light and durable, they lock steel strapping ends into a high strength joint. Notch-type sealers cut into the seal and outer edges of the strapping, turning tabs down (down notch) or up (reverse notch) Crimp-type sealers press the edges of the strapping and the seal into wavy crimps specially shaped to produce maximum frictional forces on the strapping. Their are two types of steel strapping sealers front action sealer and side action. Front-action sealer handles are held perpendicular to the strapping usually in front of the operator who pushes the handles together close to the chest. Generally for light duty strapping application. Side-action sealer's lower handle can be rested on the flat surface of the unit being strapped. Operators can apply much of their weight with both hands on the upper handle. Generally for heavier strapping applications.
  • Steel Strapping Sealers
  • Provide positive sealing action with minimal effort
  • Light and durable
  • Lock steel strapping ends into a high strength joint