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Dunnage Air Bags. Usage and Application

When are Dunnage airbags a good idea for me?

Are you currently experiencing excessive breakage during shipping resulting in unsellable produce? Are customers unsatisfied with the condition of the product you are shipping due to damage during transport? Are you spending lots of money on lumber and nails to secure you products during shipment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dunnage air bags provide an alternative solution that could be perfect for your needs.

Dunnage air bags are the ideal product to use when shipping products on trucks with void space. They reduce the risk of product damage by restricting load movement during transit. They can also be used to create a bulkhead to further prevent shifting. Air bags present a more cost efficient method for securing loads, as they are re-usable outside of railroad applications. They also provide a cost savings in the amount of loading and stripping time required to load and unload a shipment.