Poly Bags / Plastic Bags

TPG has an extensive collection of poly bags manufactured to meet industry-standard sizing and thicknesses. Sizing a poly bag to your product is pretty simple, but we know figuring out the thickness you need can be a bit more difficult.

Our thicknesses range from 1 Mil to 6 Mil with plenty of options in-between. The most common thickness in the industry is a 2 Mil bag. We recommend 2 Mil flat poly bags for shipping lightweight items, such as clothing, candy, or small parts. If your product needs more space inside the bag, you can look at gusseted poly bags, which offer expandable sides and more interior room.

A higher thickness should be used for heavier items, such as bolts and screws that can puncture the bag more easily. These items would most likely be stored in a 4 or 6 Mil reclosable poly bag inside the box with other parts to make product assembly more convenient.

TPG also provides specialty poly bags to help with specific applications. If you frequently mail electronic components, there are plenty of anti-static poly bags that can protect your products from static discharge. For metal parts that are sensitive to corrosion, we have VCI poly bags and tubing. There is also a wide variety of colored poly bags to create eye-catching packaging for your items.