TF 3000 Inflator Tool for Vinyl Airbags

Item #: T-037928
Only $29.00 /Each
  • Inflates airbags faster than traditional inflators, filling airbags in seconds rather than minutes, while smaller sized air bags will inflate in approximately 10 seconds or less
  • Easy lock/ unlock cap prevents air loss
  • Unlike other inflators, the Turbo Electric inflator guns prevents overinflation and fills airbags to optimal pressure- ensuring load securement
  • TF 3000 Inflator Tool for Vinyl Airbags

    Item #: T-037928

    Our Turbo Electric Inflators offer unparalleled inflation speed and innovative safety features that dramatically reduce inflation time and labor costs. This inflator is used primarily with our airbag lines and fill the dunnage air bags faster than any standard inflator. Eliminating the risk of bag bursting during a fill, each device ceases airflow once optimal pressure is achieved.

    • Best Suited For: Vinyl Airbags
    • Type: Dunnage Airbag Inflation Devices
    • Weight: 1.00 lbs.