Understanding Poly Bag Mil Sizes

Understanding poly bag Mil sizes or thicknesses will help you select the right option for your products. Choosing the right poly bag Mil is crucial for the success of your packaging strategy. Mils that are too small might end up tearing during transit, which can cause product damage. Mils that are too large on the other hand provide plenty of protection, but they can be costly compared to the Mil you actually need to get the job done. Let's look at the different poly bag Mil sizes available.

1 Mil Poly Bags

1 mil flat poly bag

1 Mil poly bags are often used for short-term applications where a light level of protection is required. These bags are designed for temporary storage of lightweight items. Some common uses include cleaning bags and grocery bags.

2 Mil Poly Bags

2 mil flat poly bag

These types of poly bags are used for light or medium weight products. This includes items like clothing, small parts, and bin liners. Your typical retail bag is usually around 2 Mils. A 2 Mil poly bag is the most common thickness used accross all industries.

3 Mil Poly Bags

3 mil flat poly bag

3 Mil poly bags are great for medium weight products, such as hardware and other assembly parts. Most plastic furniture covers and mattress bags are rated at a 3 Mil thickness. These offer stronger puncture resistance compared to 1 or 2 Mil bags, but are still quite affordable.

4 Mil Poly Bags

4 mil flat poly bag

You’ll want to use 4 Mil poly bags for bulkier items that need some extra strength to hold them in place. This includes bolts, screws, and things of that nature. A 4 Mil thickness is designed for heavy weight items.

6 Mil Poly Bags

6 mil flat poly bag

6 Mil poly bags are often used for industrial applications where strength and durability are essential. These bags provide a high puncture resistance to keep small parts contained, even if they have sharper edges.

Hopefully, this simple breakdown of poly bag Mil sizes will help you better understand your packaging needs. If you know which poly bag Mil is right for your products, you can place your order with The Packaging Group online now. For any questions regarding poly bag Mil sizes, contact us today so we can help you find the proper packaging supplies for your company.